Call for the Demonstration november 13th 2021 in Berlin

In Deutsch: Aufruf zur Demo am 13.11.2021 in Berlin

Phase out coal, not nuclear!

Saturday, November 13th 2021, 14–17 h,
Berlin, Pariser Platz (Brandenburger Tor)

Include nuclear in the green energy taxonomy!

We have a climate crisis!
Germany fails to meet its 2020 climate targets in 2021.

We have an energy crisis!
Energy prices for electricity, gas, and coal mark record highs.

We are angry because we see how we are driving against the wall:

  • We are angry because we are doing too little to protect the climate.
  • We are angry because rising energy prices are a burden on citizens.
  • We are angry because energy policies are hurting the economy and driving industrial businesses out of the country.
  • We are angry because jobs are being lost.

We are so angry that we are even taking to the streets for nuclear power!

Nuclear power provides low-carbon electricity – reliably, cost-effectively, environmentally friendly, and in large quantities.

If we continue to operate our 6 remaining nuclear power plants and shut down the oldest 20 coal-fired power plants instead, we can save one billion tons of CO₂ emissions.

Extending the lifetime of nuclear power plants that have already been written off is the cheapest way to generate climate-friendly electricity.

Nuclear energy is the answer to the climate crisis.
Nuclear energy is the answer to the energy crisis.

We demand lifetime extensions to protect the climate and against further increases in energy prices.

Come to Berlin on Saturday, November 13th 2021, and demonstrate with us!

Join us! Link to Facebook-Event

Political efforts are not enough

Our probable governing coalition of SPD, FDP, and Greens wants to massively expand renewable energies. Sure, wind and solar are as low-carbon and climate-friendly as nuclear power – but only when the wind blows and the sun shines.

Whenever the weather does not cooperate, fossil fuels have to step in, i.e. natural gas or coal. In Germany, the site conditions for wind power and solar are particularly poor in a global comparison.

SPD, FDP and Greens want to rely mainly on natural gas as a backup. Disadvantages: Natural gas is harmful to the climate, expensive, and it makes us dependent on Russia.

Rising energy prices

The price of natural gas has risen enormously in 2021. As a result, the price of coal is also rising. There is also an increasing CO₂ levy for both coal and natural gas.

The more a country relies on coal and gas-fired power plants, the more expensive electricity becomes. Industry feels this immediately on the electricity market. We as consumers only get our high electricity bill after a delay.

Industries that depend on a reliable supply of energy are under a high cost pressure. Many companies will have to give up or move to countries where energy is cheap. Jobs will get lost.

The energy crisis threatens businesses, jeopardizes jobs, and is a severe problem for people with low income.

Nuclear power is cheap & climate-friendly

If nuclear power plants will be shut down in Germany, coal-fired power plants will take their place first and natural gas later. For the climate, natural gas is not much less harmful than coal due to CO₂ emissions and methane leaks.

It’s the same picture all over the world: Wherever nuclear power plants are closed, CO₂ emissions rise sharply, whether in New York, Sweden or California. Why? Because nuclear power plants can only be replaced to a small extent by renewable energies.

In the future, electricity demand will actually grow due to electrification and sector coupling. But that also means: more climate-damaging electricity from climate-damaging natural gas power plants – and a lot more.

Electricity imports to Germany are currently only possible because neighboring countries are helping out with their own nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants. But more and more coal-fired power plants are being shut down in order to protect the climate. What if Germany, with its irrational fear of radiation, continues to put pressure on nuclear power plants abroad?

The six remaining nuclear power plants have been reliably supplying Germany with large amounts of clean energy for over 30 years. And they could continue to do so for many years to come. The most cost-effective source of clean and reliable energy has never been needed as urgently as it is now!

We call on our politicians:

Keep the last six German nuclear power plants running!

Phase out coal, not nuclear!

Stop telling our neighbors and EU partner countries how to produce their low-carbon electricity!

Talk about the advantages of nuclear power!

That’s why we’re taking to the streets in Berlin on November 13th in support of nuclear energy. We are an international community. Speakers and participants from many countries will report on why their countries want to rely on nuclear energy, expand it, or start using it for the first time. Announced are people from South Africa, Kenya, Sudan, USA, Canada, South Korea, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, England, France, Austria, Poland, and some more.

More Information about the Demonstration November 2021 in Berlin

Organizer: Nuklearia e.V., Stand Up For Nuclear, Fota4Climate, Mothers For Nuclear D-A-CH

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