Crisis? Go nuclear!

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Demo in Berlin, Saturday, November 19, 2022

Location: Brandenburger Tor, west side (Platz des 18. März)

1 – 4 p.m.: Installations and information booths by Nuklearia, RePlanet, Party of Humanists, Voices of Nuclear, Mothers for Nuclear
2 – 3 p.m.: Colourful stage program
– speaker Anna Veronika Wendland, author of the book “Atomkraft? Yes please!”
Performance NetZero versus fossile skunks
– Music and mini-statements from Austria, Poland and France on the European energy situation

Video: Cleaning the slogan “Nuclear is clean” in a dirty street – also cleaning the outlines of “coal is dirty” leaving the letters dirty and clean again “Demo on 19th november”. – This is reverse Graffiti at the worlds famous Graffiti-place East Side Gallery in Berlin!

Feel free to get in touch with other participants, carpool and exchange ideas! Invitation to the Whatsapp group

Support the event even if you can’t come!

Donations help us to finance stage, equipment, flyers and maybe even travel expenses for special guests! Please send donations to Nuklearia with the subject “Demo Berlin 2022”

Costs down, climate protection up!

Our thoughts on the situation in Germany:

1. Greater supply reduces prices

According to the principle of supply and demand, our electricity is costly also because it is in short supply following the shutdown of many coal-fired and nuclear power plants. Keeping energy artificially cheap through subsidies only postpones costs. It would be more effective to increase supply. If we keep our nuclear power plants running, the market can relax and prices will fall. By the way, our depreciated nuclear power plants produce by far the cheapest electricity on the market.

Nuclear power reduces energy prices!

2. Nuclear power protects our industry

Our companies depend on cheap energy. If companies can no longer pay for gas or electricity, they have to leave or give up. An economic downturn and high unemployment are the consequences. This could break the cohesion of our society. With our six nuclear power plants – those that are running and those that could come back online more or less quickly – we are effectively containing this threat immediately. In the medium term, new nuclear power plants can secure our prosperity and actually decarbonize the economy.

Energy is prosperity!

3. Coal is a problem

Hard coal and now also lignite have to save us through the winter. But coal pollutes the air, causes cancer and heart-lung diseases, and it damages the climate. In addition, coal has to be imported at high cost from countries that actually need the coal themselves.

Nuclear power is air and climate friendly!

4. Solar and wind need a backup

Solar and wind need a reliable partner for times when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing (backup power plants). Our energy transition was designed with confidence that cheap gas would always be available as a backup. The blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines has removed the basis for this strategy. Suddenly, gas is missing everywhere: in industry, for heating, and for electricity production. We need a new backup that makes us independent. We need nuclear power.

Nuclear power weakens Putin!


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