International Stand Up For Nuclear in Berlin 2021

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400 people at Rallye on November 13th


Video-Summary from Fota4Climate:

Dancings Meltys on Roller Skates:

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Before the rallye a lot of people meet up
View from the stage in the Beginning
Interview with James Hansen in front of the Nuklearia Info booth
Girl giving a handmade award to James E. Hansen for him being a climate hero, organized by Fota4Climate
View to the stage at the end
Mothers for Nuclear Deutschland-Schweiz
Nuclear girls from all over the world, after the demonstration

Photos from Paweł Głogowski

James Hansen came early to talk to people!
Skating and Dancing Meltys
Info Booth Nuklearia
Info Booth Mothers For Nuclear
Info Booth Fota4Climate
Gazosaur Rex with Nordstream-Weapon and Fossilosaurus Rex with Biomass versus Nuclear Melty

Organizers: Nuklearia e. V., Stand Up For Nuclear, Fota4Climate, Mothers For Nuclear D-A-CH

November 13th 2021, 14:00–17:00
Berlin, Germany, Pariser Platz (Brandenburger Tor)

Main speaker: James Hansen

Climate scientist Dr. James E. Hansen from USA

Short messages from speakers around the world

We like to introduce you to some of the speakers:

Princess Mthombeni
from South Africa

Photo: Evelin Frerk

Amardeo Sarma from Germany

  • Dipl. Eng. Electrical Engineering (TU Darmstadt, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • Board member of Ökomoderne e. V.

Julia Gałosz from Poland

  • Biology student
  • Vice President of the Polish Youth Climate Council
  • Fota4Climate

Collins K. Wafula from Kenya

Climate crisis? Energy crisis? Rally for clean reliable energy across the EU

Around the world, nations are scrambling to secure enough energy for winter. Global shortages are driving prices for electricity, gas, and coal to record highs.

With the UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP26, on the horizon, many countries’ decarbonization plans have been derailed. The crisis has deprioritized the “energy transition” in service of keeping the lights on. 

Nevertheless, the developed nations of Germany and Belgium are still holding on to their plans to shut down their most important source of reliable and clean energy: nuclear power. Meanwhile, their governments are proposing new natural gas plants to replace the lost generation capacity. Not only will Germany miss its 2020 climate targets again in 2021, but it will also fail to meet its 2030 targets. In fact, Germany expects to see its biggest rise in greenhouse gas emissions in the last 30 years. 

This year Germany is expected to permanently close three of its nuclear reactors. In the midst of a worldwide energy crisis and climate change, Germany will deliberately close four gigawatt of clean, reliable power and allow for new fossil fuels to come online. 

Germany’s main power production in 2021 came from coal. But according to a new study, if Germany allows for the continued operation of its six nuclear reactors, one billion tons of CO₂ emissions can be avoided.

However, the future government coalition of SPD, FDP, and the Greens continues to massively expand and invest in both wind and solar while supporting the current nuclear phaseout. Although solar and wind are low-carbon energy sources, it is clear that the focus on weather-dependent technologies has left Germany reliant on Russian natural gas imports. 

The lack of firm clean energy coupled with rising electricity costs has left many industries across the country worried. As the demand for electricity increases, Stefan Wolf, President of Gesamtmetall, the employer’s association of Germany’s largest industrial sector, has issued a call to return to nuclear energy.

That is why, as concerned citizens, we’re taking to the streets of Berlin on November 13th in support of nuclear energy. While we still burn coal and gas, the nuclear phaseout is no option! 

For the climate, for humanity, for Germany and the EU, we demand:

  • Phase out coal and gas, not nuclear!
  • Recognize nuclear energy as “green”!
  • No shutdown of fully functional nuclear power plants!

It is not too late to reverse course!

Allies from around the world will join us at this demonstration. We will hear from climate scientists, academics, and environmentalists on the importance of nuclear energy, for both the planet and humanity. Countries represented include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, The Netherlands, The USA, and many more. 

Join us.

Read more in the Call for the Demonstration November 13th 2021 in Berlin.


  • Florian Blümm,
  • Simeon Preuß, physics teacher, Youtube
  • Christoph Lemmer, blog
  • Eva Greger, student with commitment to nature conservation
  • Henry Schmidt, Partei der Humanisten, Berlin
  • Antonello Zito, PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Nucleare e Ragione
  • Jan Maass, physicist, member of FDP and Nuklearia e. V.
  • Dr. Carsten Grötzinger, molecular biologist, Nuklearia-member
  • Dr. Roman Rausch, physicist, Nuklearia member
  • Jan-Christian Lewitz, physicist, “Der Atommüllmann”
  • Karl Reichart, energy activist
  • Janina Zauner, Michelau, Bavaria
  • David Ferrer, Engineer
  • Mothers For Nuclear: Paola Eckert-Palvarini, Ulrike von Waitz, Britta Augustin, Lisa Raß
  • Nuklearia board: Rainer Klute, Rainer Reelfs, Christoph Barthe
  • Nuklearia: Dirk Egelkraut, Noah Jakob Rettberg, Daniel Spannbauer, Alexej Michailovski, Werner Horstmann, Alexander Fuchs, Manfred Marggraf, Werner Kaspari, Harri Porten, Dr. Rasmus Kiehl, Dr. Markus Vester, Stefan Marxmeier, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Robert Biter, Christina Unger, Nikita Makeev, Klaus Wacker


Report about climate strike in Berlin and the attacks on pro-nuclear people in english